Drowning In The Static
November 2011 Album Of The Month “Megadeth Thirt3en”! Don’t Sleep On These Releases Part IV

Album Of the Month Goes to Megadeth! I’m glad Dave Mustaine is still kicking ass for almost three decades now! “Thirt3en" is a fine release! :) Dave Mustaine just keeps bringing us Thrash fans back to the glory days! Don’t ever stop Dave!

I thought "Maniac" was going to be a music video.  I was very surprised to see it turned out like a Snuff Film. Either way, Kid Cudi, Cage, and Director/Actor Shia Labeouf kick our asses for Halloween! Be warned it may disturb you!

I was losing faith in Black Metal for quite sometime, until I heard this epic release (Abzu) from Absu.  Black Metal has needed this new breath of fresh air for years! Thank you Absu!

Lo Key came out of retirement from the wicked underground Hip-Hop scene and slaughtered all the copy cats with "Shadowland"! Lo Key is Hip-Hop you can relate to! Keep Horrorcore/Wicked Shit Alive!

Entrails and their newest “The Tomb Awaits” proves this is by far the best year for Death Metal! Death Metal at it’s finest from beyond the grave!

 This will be the soundtrack for Winter! Insomnium are becoming the future of Melodic-Death Metal!One For Sorrow” delivers all the way through, keeping the classic roots of Dark Tranquility, At The Gates, and In Flames a live!