Drowning In The Static
Just a small example of the variety of music I listen to. I have wayyyyy more Cd’s lol.

Just a small example of the variety of music I listen to. I have wayyyyy more Cd’s lol.

December 2011 Album Of The Month: Daniel Jordan The Stranger & Don’t Sleep On These Releases Part V

Reel Life Productions for life! Esham protégé Daniel Jordan is back with his best effort yet, as “The Stranger”. A concept album dealing with past struggles, depression, lost love, and the problems with the modern society of America. It’s a cross between 80’s Hardcore Punk, Jazzy Blues and Detroit Michigan Hip-Hop aka the Wicked Shit!

“Sometimes” is catchy as hell! By far my favorite! That bass-line and hook was stuck in my head for hours upon hours lol It’s the perfect track on the album that best describes the daily struggles of who The Stranger is.

Punk Rock anthems “I Hate Drug Dealers” and “Airplane Crash” are on some Misfits/GG Allin type shit. “Airplane Crash” is about wishing the worst for a cheating girlfriend and with “I Hate Drug Dealers” Mr. Jordan attacks the pharmaceutical industry.

The tracks “The Stranger” and “All Your Hero’s” both dive right into the wicked shit.  “The Stranger”: The lyrics are deep thoughts about  killing an entire family. “All your Hero’s”: Towards the end the emcee breaks down and confesses to a murder and the doctor doesn’t believe him.

With “No Friends” Daniel warns artists about being fake and not to get caught up in the politics of music, while “Last Day Alive” paints the perfect picture of a mental break down.

A lot of listeners will relate to “The Reason I haven’t Called You”. Super personal track! I feel his pain on this one! It’s about chasing after that one lover you want to spend the rest of your life with, but deep down they only see you as a friend. So you try to be the friend, but it’s a constant  struggle, because all you think about is wanting to be theirs.  The only way out is to never talk to them again.

Another stand out track is “Sad Clown”! Guest rapper Mac Mall shines all over this! It’s on that hip-hop you can relate to!

The closer “Fade Away” is a very emotional track about the one that got away. Even with all this time going by your still thinking about them and hoping they are thinking about you, not giving up faith at all! All your thoughts focused on the day you run into them again. I’m not going lie, I choked up a little bit listening, it brought back some of my own personal emotions. It’s by far Daniel Jordan’s best track!

Pick up the album here! Don’t Sleep!


Don’t Sleep On These Releases Part V