Drowning In The Static
For custom art hit up https://www.facebook.com/Mr8LegzCreations

For custom art hit up https://www.facebook.com/Mr8LegzCreations

I finally had an evening in Billings Montana that was dedicated to Black Metal.  Phoenix Arizona’s  Abigail Williams & Montreal Quebec’s Erimha tore it up!  After the show, I got into a fistfight with my Brother In Law over something that wasn’t my fault. That got me stranded in Billings for a little while with my friend Wes, but I decided to make it my goal to meet DJ Abilities and it happened. Bad Tenants opened and were damn good.  They played trumpets and a style akin to A Tribe Called Quest, with an infectious turntable. Abilites was energetic and looked super happy/amazed when the crowd soared together, riding upon the lyrics for the Eyedea & Abilities Track "Now". Abilities eyes were glowing in happiness, like a first grader opening their Super Nintendo for the first time on Christmas, thanks to the positive crowd reaction. I Took a Taxi home afterwards.Was fun indeed!

RIP Eyedea

Photo 1: Me holding up Abigail Williams Vinyl for their E.P. Legend, featuring a cover of Metallica’s Fight Fire With Fire.

Photo 2: Me with Black Metal outfit Erimha, without their corpse pain. They are currently signed to Victory Records

Photo 3: My friend Wes and I with Bad Tenants, after they killed the stage!

Photo 4 and 5: DJ Abilities, my friend Wes and I.

Mixed and Mastered by Crossworm

Artist: Renigade of Westland, Michigan

My brother and I with Rob Zombie, John 5, Ginger Fish, and Piggy D! Second picture: Poster signed by Rob and the entire band, while talking to them and my personal signed copy of House of 1000 Corpses.