Drowning In The Static

This is Sadistik’s new song called “Chemical Burns,” off his EP Ultraviolet, coming out July 1. Over dreary production, Sadistik kicks things off with a verse that’s reminiscent of Eyedea in some ways. Content-wise, it’s introspective but confrontational, and it avoids the traditional flow for something that sounds more like a rapper who grew up on punk and psychedelic rock. The dismal vibe is intensified when the chorus kicks in, and then in verse two, it’s a familiar voice.

“I’m a live wire in a dead world,” Eyedea’s verse starts before spiraling into a frenzy of meticulously crafted lines that remind us how gifted Eyedea was and why he is so dearly missed. In the wake of Eyedea’s tragic death, it’s almost unsettling to hear his voice, but a few seconds into his verse, that captivating flow takes over and makes it difficult to think anything except, “Damn, this guy’s good.” Despite that eerily prophetic ending, it’s good to hear Eyedea’s voice again.

Grieves Winter And The Wolves Tour with Sonreal,  Fearce Vill BeanOne and Romaro Franceswa! At The Carlin Hotel Billings Montana!

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Don’t Sleep On These Releases Part III

Matt Bruso is back as Frontman for Hardcore Giants Bury Your Dead! It’s full of Gang vocals, knuckle dragging detuned riffs, and plenty of neck breaking breakdowns to "Mosh N Roll" to! No offense to Mike Terry, but Bury Your Dead is meant to be this way! Bury Your Fucking Dead!

Key Track: “Blue Beard”

Grieves is Hip-Hop you can relate to! I saw him at this years Warped Tour and Benjamin Laub (Grieves) dominated the Skullcandy Stage! His Rhymesayers Entertainment debut "Together/Apart", has been described as musical therapy for those who find themselves caught under the pressures of life”. Grieves teams up with his very good friend producer Budo, who plays guitar, trumpet, and keyboard ,over Grieves detailed storytelling, that brings together a soulful atmosphere. It’s safe to say Grieves is part of the future of Hip-Hop!

Key Track: “Boogieman”


Eastcoast Hardcore Hip-Hop at it’s Best. Apathy doesn’t fuck around here, his wordplay is brilliant! This is straight forward no bullshit/no fillers Hip-Hop, that features production from Evidence and DJ Premiere. "Honkey King" is without a doubt Apathy’s best album to date.

Key track: “The Villain” Featuring Ill Bill.

Poland’s finest Death Metal Titans Vader are back with their 9th release, "Welcome to the Morbid Reich"! Yes this album plays safe, but it’s far from being stale and boring.  This fine release is full of nods and throwbacks to old school Malevolent Creation and classic Deicide! It brings forth very fluid impressive solos and blistering thrashing speeds to bring on a Moshpit the size of China. Guitarist "Spider" shines through out Morbid Reich. One hell of a guitarist who is defnitely not far behind Trey Azagthoth. *Sigh* If only Morbid Angel would go back to pure Death Metal. But Alas, this is Vader we are talking about and they are doing a damn good job keeping true Death Metal alive!

Key track: “I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul