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September 2012 Album Of The Month “Mad Child:Dope Sick” & Don’t Sleep On These Releases Part VIII

By Chad Thomas Carsten

I’m in joy to write that the battle axe warrior Shane Bunting aka “Mad Child" is now completely liberated from the chains of his past indiscretions. This phenomenal debut is Mad Child’s most personal bars to date! Brutally honest and bone chilling, "Dopesick" is an nightmarish battle through the flames of hell with oxycontin. He lost over 3 Million dollars over this addiction! On this release Mad Child finally comes out the champion, as he vanquishes all his inner demons, that pushed him into the lake of fire and almost triturated his entire Hip-Hop career.  “Dopesick" is the key to the little monster’s locked away personal private journal. It’s an Masterpiece!

Don’t Sleep On These Releases Part VIII

Saginaw Michigan’s “KGP” slaughtered every beat on his latest release "United Corpse Of America", with his own brand of Horrorcore Wicked Shit! Tracks like "Piss On The Enemy" (featuring Smallz One) and "Swarm" (featuring Claas) will no doubt bring the apocalypse to your very own living room and infest your recording studio with an zombie mosh pit from hell!

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  The Nerdcore God "MC Chris" just dropped "Apple Lung" on his birthday! It features brand new remixes of "006", "Hoodie Ninja" and even "IG88"! So what are you waiting for, check the official facebook page of MC Chris and download it for free!

Do you love the classic horror movies from the late 1970’s and 1980’s?! Well your in luck!  Horrorcore Hip-Hop veteran “Lo Key” decided to pay homage to the classics like "Sleepaway Camp" & "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", by making a short film titled "Chainsaw Symphony"! Cop it right here http://lokerecords.bigcartel.com/product/chainsaw-symphony-dvd, if you want a time warp back to the glory days of Wes Craven and John Carpenter!

Brandan Schieppati Of Bleeding Through and Alex Varkatzas of Atreyu have teamed up to melt our faces off! The side project is called “I am War”. Their debut "Outlive You All" dives deep into the abyss of classic Hardcore/Thrash in the vein of Cro-Mags, Sick Of It all, Exodus and DRI. Prepared to dine on your teeth, because they will be knocked down your throat after listening!

Detroit Michigan’s "King Gordy" is back yet again for another dark filled horrorcore extravaganza with the E.P., "Hail Dark Lord Vader”. No filler, each track owns!  “Monster’s” is by far the best track!  This banger brings the Fat Killahz back together with a sampled beat from "The Munsters". Every verse slays! You craving that classic gore?! Well "Psycho Bill" will deliver!  It features Bizarre and is set in the deep woods of northern Michigan. It tells the demented tale of the serial killer psycho bill dismembering his victims. The final track "Over" is Gordy’s current struggle trying to succeed with the current music industry. It will bring forth tears and hatred. Overall, if your a fan King Gordy this will not disappoint at all!

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Know your roots! Originally posted by Converge!

Know your roots! Originally posted by Converge!

Hmm Dreams are Crazy sometimes (Updated)

So I had Two different dreams last night and one while taking a nap later on.So I’m going to put what bands/soundtracks I think would fit the best for them haha.

One had to do with what my mind was telling me were Zombies, but they could have conversations and I was taking em all out with a wooden stake?! So it was like Vampires?! Can anyone say I Am Legend? And no I didn’t watch the movie/read it before bed either. Last thing I did was look over some album reviews about Immortal Technique. If I could put this one into a soundtrack, it would be have to be  The Devil Wears Prada Zombie E.P. or The Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack Haha

Sex dreams are really weird. I don’t really have an attraction to her other than a friend. But it was about having Sex with my friends Wife. Awkward!!! I would never do such a thing! Definitely some Combichrist or Nine Inch Nails would fit!

And this one is just bonkers. All the rich were allowed to buy out everyone who was middle class, their homes, family members, etc. Houses were being torched and my siblings were all left on the street. We banned together, I remember we tried getting back into my house to grab the family albums and our cell phones. A whole different family was living there and my brother and I got caught  inside the house. My brother and I pick up this broken chair and beat the shit out of the guy with it. We quickly left the house and grabbed my sister who was hiding underneath the porch of the our house. My Great Uncle Bob calls my cell phone and tells us he fell off a bridge that was lit on fire and is trapped beneath the rumble. We head towards his direction.

So then a car starts following us and we run into this kitchen out near this alley way. I see my friend CJ (Who happens to work in a meat department in real life), stealing all the Meat, mind you he is wearing his work apron as well. LOL And that’s how the dream ends. I think some 90’s Hardcore would fit this. You know, All Out War, Sick Of It All, and some Converge!

Anyone else have fucked up dreams lately?