Drowning In The Static
September 2011 Album Of The Month: Graveyard “Hisingen Blues”

I found this band by accident looking through Nuclear Blasts online catalog and I’m very happy I did for this band kicks a lot of classic metal ass! Coincidentally, when I first popped in the cd, the weather started slowly getting worse in my area. It started with down-pouring hail and lightning across the sky by the end of the first track. Next thing I know when it got to the final track, a fire bursted out and burned up over 2,000 acres from lightning striking the ground. It was all “Bright and Sunny” before the album started. No joke!

Sweden’s Graveyard bring forth a retro classic that will surely take you through a time warp back to 1970’s Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll! Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple influenced the whole sound on “Hisingen Blues”. The production is phenomenal! It actually sounds just like it was recorded 40 years ago! If I didn’t know better I’d think it was released back in the day. It’s full of downtuned bluesy guitar work and Robert Plant style vocals that will put a grin on any classic rock lovers face!

The title track Hisingen Blues” dives right into the occult with vocals wailing "Oh Lucifer come take my hand", while the instrumental “Longing” would fit perfect for a Cowboy, you know an anthem right before they are about to duel with pistols. The organ goes strong on this one! "The Siren" best defines who Graveyard are as a whole and it’s the perfect way to close out this release! "Tonight a demon came into my head and tried to choke me in my sleep"! \m/

I’ve heard about this strange thing called death metal. Apparently it’s only popular in Florida, where it’s hot as hell, and here in Stockholm, where it’s cold as hell. I personally don’t get much about it, but it goes something like this: Aaaaaaargh!
Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth onstage in Stockholm Sweden 1991